Commercial Property Services

At Coastline Property Management and Leasing, we provide COMMERCIAL REGIME SERVICES for office parks, retails centers and all types of commercial real estate. With careful budgeting and forecasting we ensure that your buildings are maintained, the grounds are neat and your property always looks attractive for your customers.
*Note: We do not provide commercial tenant leasing services.

When managing a commercial property with different owners, the owners must each pay their share to maintain the building’s exterior as well as common areas. Coastline will manage the funds, maintain the property and make sure all owners are informed of matters pertaining to the property.

We serve commercial regime Board of Directors by coordinating & organizing meetings and assisting members to fulfill the duties of their positions. We collect dues from each owner and manage the funds within the set budget.

Owners or tenants have the option of paying monthly dues via website with auto-draft, e-check or any major credit card. We develop annual budgets for your commercial property and manage expenses accordingly.

We provide consultations and planning to establish a reserve fund for future needs such as roofing or renovations while constantly monitoring the reserve fund.

We obtain annual bids for general maintenance contracts. These services include landscaping, managing all vendors, providing quality control for all services rendered and conducting regular property visits. We ensure all subcontractors providing work for the commercial property show proof of licenses, bond, insurance, workers compensation, etc and always maintain them on file.

We maintain the building exterior and common areas, handle ordinary and emergency maintenance 24/7, provide preventative maintenance management and recommendations and handle the management of capital improvements. We offer full service accounting and monthly reconciliations for all accounts including capital investments (checking, saving, CD’s, etc).

We provide monthly financial statements to include P&L, Balance Sheet, Budget Variance, etc. We offer in-house collections of owner delinquencies and enforce payment due dates. We manage insurance requirements, policy quotes and renewals.

We are available to meet with board members of any discussions concerning your commercial property, etc as frequently as needed.

Your Investment. Your Future. Our Commitment.